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Shaken Baby Syndrome


Shaken Baby Syndrome - How parents and child caregivers are being falsely convicted of abuse and murder and how adverse reactions to vaccines and medications fit into the picture!


Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., D.A.B.V.T. Toxicologist and Pathologist, with over 20 years of  experience in research, teaching, diagnostic work and consulting, has conducted extensive and thorough case studies which present startling results that reveal caregivers have been and are being falsely accused and convicted of abuse and murder. He uses differential diagnosis to evaluate the contributions of agents relevant to the cases and the possible synergistic actions among agents in causing injuries and death. Dr. Al-Bayati answers, "Is This Shaken Baby Syndrome or Medical Malpractice?" in 4 detailed case studies.  http://www.freeyurko.bizland.com/albayatisum.html






British Medical Journal

The evidence base for shaken baby syndrome. We need to question the diagnostic criteria


The phrase "shaken baby syndrome" evokes a powerful image of abuse, in which a carer shakes a child sufficiently hard to produce whiplash forces that result in subdural and retinal bleeding. The theory of shaken baby syndrome rests on core assumptions: shaking is always intentional and violent; the injury an infant receives from shaking is invariably severe; and subdural and retinal bleeding is the result of criminal abuse, unless proved otherwise.1 These beliefs are reinforced by an interpretation of the literature by medical experts, which may on occasion be instrumental in a carer being convicted or children being removed from their parents. But what is the evidence for the theory of shaken baby syndrome? Read more..

(and please read down to Rapid Responses for the debate on SBS theory from physicians from around the world)


Idaho Observer

Yurko 100-page appeal model for bogus Shaken Baby Syndrome cases. Cutting edge evidence, arguments could stop imprisonment of parents as cover for vaccine damage.... By Ingri Cassel

"This country has already imprisoned hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent parents convicted of SBS -- Shaken Baby Syndrome. SBS has replaced Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) as a leading cause of infant mortality. The only explanation is that an insatiable legal system requires people to prosecute. SBS identifies a perpetrator where SIDS deaths are allegedly mysterious. The one factor that ties SBS and SIDS together is vaccines -- not harmful parents. The truth is that most SBS convictions can be demonstrated to be a cover for medical malpractice and/or murder by injection of childhood vaccines." .... read more 

Note:  Search Idaho Observer for a number of SBS articles  http://www.idaho-observer.com/ including July 2004 piece.

Vaccination Risk Awareness Network - http://www.vran.org 

Susan Kreider RN, a vaccinated-injured adult, shares her story and has SBS victim's stories on her website too.   http://www.informedchoice.info 

For a general overview of Shaken Baby Syndrome and the medical-legal facets of associated cases, see:

www.sbsdefense.com (Group of medical, legal experts, and consultants who represent those falsely accused of abuse by "Shaken Baby Syndrome".  They believe that Shaken Baby Syndrome is often incorrectly diagnosed and their goal is to encourage research and debate on this controversial scientific theory.)

www.bmj.com (British Medical Journal - contains various articles regarding the SBS diagnosis.  There is a HUGE ongoing debate among doctors there regarding its diagnosis. See   RAPID RESPONSE section.)

www.sbstruth.com ("We represent a cutting-edge group of physicians, medical researchers, biomechanical engineers, legal authorities and falsely accused who are concerned about the present lack of research on childhood head trauma. We believe that the current assumptions regarding the etiology, pathology, and timing of subdural hematomas and retinal hemorrhages need to be further explored.") 

www.redflagsweekly.com  (An SBS conference was hosted by Nicholas Regush on this site along with Sandy Mintz of www.vaccinationnews.com.)

www.sbs-resource.org (This site is not advocating one side or another.  They attempt to give both the defense and prosecution sides in these cases citing the difficulties associated with these allegations.)

www.susancanthony.com/resources/SBS/sbsres.html (Woman who has compiled a bibliography of must reads for those who have been wrongly accused of SBS). 

www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com (Health and wellness website which also includes quotes from researchers and stories re: 'SBS.') 

www.whale.to.html (John's website.. has articles re: vaccination and the SBS link as well as cases.)  

Visit websites of falsely accused at:

http://www.freemendez.org (Lisa Mullenax and her husband Alejandro Mendez Vargas tragically lost their 3 1/2 month old baby Lucas to adverse reactions to vaccines and medications. Alejandro is charged with SBS murder and the state is seeking the death penalty.)

www.bringkathyhome.com (Kathy Butcher's plight - a mom with 5 kids between ages 2-11 wrongly convicted for the death of a child that she was caring for.)

www.debbiewadle.org (Grandmother in CO wrongly accused and convicted of SBS.  She was imprisoned for a few years and is currently awaiting another trial)

www.freekenmarsh.com (Imprisoned over 20 YEARS for the death of his girlfriend's son, who had a clearly established coagulopathy - Court TV and ABC have covered this CA case)

www.freeyurko.bizland.com  (Imprisoned for LIFE + 10 years, this man has over 100 medical doctors willing to testify to his innocence.  Supporters around the world proclaim his innocence and he was granted an evidentiary hearing for August 2004).

www.gigglesandfrog.com (Police officer/ ex military personnel accused of SBS a few years ago.. are still listed as perpetrators and are currently suing the state of Florida to remove their status as such so they can adopt).

www.castleofhopeforlostsouls.org/theinjusticesystem/dwightdavidson.html (Story about a father wrongly convicted for his daughter's death - he had to serve 1-2 years total)

Additional Stories:

www.petitiononline.com/HERLIHY/petition.html (This is a link to Brian Herlihy's petition with  his story.  He was falsely accused and is currently serving a 15 year sentence due to the baby's excessive treatment with corticosteriods.) www.truthinjustice.org/child-abuse.htm for details on the case.

Support for falsely accused:

www.health.groups.yahoo.com/group/falsely-accusedofSBS (The Falsely Accused of SBS Yahoo Group)

www.sbs5.dircon.co.uk/five.htm   (The Five Percenters from England is another support for those falsely accused.)

Experts Exposing Shaking Baby Syndrome as Theory: 

Dr. Harold Buttram - MD

Woodlands Healing Research Center

5724 Clymer Road

Quakertown, PA 18951



Dr. Viera Scheibner - Vaccine Expert

178 Govetts Leap Road


NSW – 2785



Dr. Michael Innis - MD

1 Whitedove Court


Queensland - 4575




Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati - Toxicologist

Toxi-Health International

150 Bloom Drive

Dixon, California 95620



Dr. John Plunkett - Neurosurgeon

Regina Medical Center

1175 Nininger Road

Hastings, MN 55033



Dr. Horace Gardner - Pediatric Opthomalogist

318 Oklahoma Road

Manitou Springs, CO 80829









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