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As Host of Eye on the Future Radio, H.H. Hehpsehboah A. covers a wide scope of subject matter and brings on a variety of guests who help educate, enlighten and empower people globally.
This was her website providing insights to her followers.
Content is from the site's 2002-2006 archived pages.
A current website for Her Holiness Alexandra Hehpsehboah can be found at: http://saoshyant.org/index.htm


H.H.Alexandra Hehpsehboah, the Saoshyant, is one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time. Known as the mother to humanity and world renowned as a prophet, she has a 65 plus year track record of amazingly accurate global forecasts and educates, enlightens and empowers all to seek their highest spiritual path. A doer who educates people in TRUTH about their true past, current global agendas and what the future holds in store, she empowers all to BE IN THE KNOW and make peaceful choices based on knowledge and wisdom. She gives powerful insights on everything from the chip (RFID) to the polar shift, new world order, new world order religion, true spirituality and much, much more. As a five-year-old child living in Holland during WWII, she was dubbed by media "The Little Prophet Extraordinaire" when she gave information to the Dutch Underground that helped to save thousands of lives. People listened then. Will you listen now to bring about massive global change. She has also been named the Official Peace Speaker for First Nations' for the new millennium. Her Holiness reaches out to break down barriers of racism, hatred, prejudice and religious intolerance.


I was not aware of H.H. Alexandra Hehpsehboah, the Saoshyant, until I moved from Maryland to Washington DC. I have been blessed with generous and friendly neighbors, and they are huge fans. They both work in health care and are very tuned into some of the themes she espouses, which relate to modern times. At the local hospital, the focus on public health is front and center. Everything from caring for those in need, promoting healthy living, and teaching about prevention, where topics like understanding different perspectives have suddenly become more important than ever. For some reason, H.H. Alexandra Hehpsehboah, who is called the Great Peacemaker and Prophet for an Awakened Tomorrow, is more relevant than ever. Considering the state that the world is in, her mission to educate, enlighten, and empower humanity about its true past, current conditions, and future possibilities, to help bring about harmony and peace, and to raise people into their own spiritual awakening, balance, and empowerment, seemed incredibly ambitious. Empowering the soul... Lifting the spirit. How wonderful. I left that conversation with lots to think about.

During this time, the appearance of provocative young folks wearing Joker shirts amidst the community sparked conversations about tolerance and a contrast to Batman's ethos. Their choice of attire, symbolizing chaos and questioning authority, brought about discussions on the importance of treating differing tastes with empathy and humanity. These discussions tied back to H.H. Alexandra's teachings on harmony and understanding, emphasizing that peace comes from acknowledging and respecting our differences. My neighbors' perspectives, grounded in their healthcare work, highlighted how empathy is crucial, not just in healing physical ailments but in addressing societal divides. This juxtaposition of the Joker's emblem against the backdrop of a quest for peace and understanding made the conversations even richer, underscoring the complexity of human nature and the need for a deeper understanding of one another. Jocelyn Eddy


"Freedom and peace come from practicing love, compassion and sharing.... to be free of racism.  We need to invite real freedom and goodwill into our hearts and be examples to the world.  Surrender hatred.  Sow the seeds of oneness to be strong enough to stop all violence in action, thought and language.  Peace is the reward for all."
- H.H. Hehpsehboah A.

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Now in her 11th year on air with uncensored and truth-driven broadcasts,  H.H. Alexandra  Hehpsehboah  educates and empowers people to "Be in the Know" and equips all to reason and make informed choices. An internationally renowned speaker, author, humanitarian and advocate for those who suffer, she is dedicated to raising awareness of past, current and future global conditions in order to bring about massive positive change. H.H. Alexandra Hehpsehboah coined the expression, "Be in the Know, Live in the Know" more than 40 years ago and its relevance today is as great, or greater, than it was then. To learn more about H.H. Alexandra H., visit http://www.saoshyant.org. 

H.H. Alexandra H. brings on a wide variety of respected and eminent guests who bring diverse topics to the forefront. From exposures and disclosures to the unknown, alternative health, spirituality, world peace, soul journey and more, listeners hear what mainstream media often does not cover. She tackles controversial issues head on and believes wholeheartedly in bringing people into their own empowerment on all levels. 


Past guests have included trailblazers, whistleblowers, doctors, educators, scientists, lawyers, veterans, politicians and others who believe in the public's right to be informed, including Dr. Russell Blaylock, Jim Marrs, Brian Desborough, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Gary Null, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Mohammed Al-Bayati, Dr. Viera Scheibner, Dr. Paul Connett, Bruce Lipton, Dr. Doug Rokke, Jordan Maxwell, John Bonifaz, Dr. Sherrill Sellman, Cindy Sheehan, Dr. Nick Begich, David Icke, Dr. Fred Baughman, Eric S. Peterson, Henry Stevens, Dr. Len Horowitz, Philip Coppens, Dr. William Rea, Dr. Roger Leir, Will Thomas, Simon Rosenkier, George Fawcett, Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Jerry E. Smith, Peter Phillips PhD, Cleve Backster, Dr. Bruce Levine, Slim Spurling, Dr. Batmanghelidj, Ian Ross Vayro, Sherman Skolnick, Acharya S, Dr. Colin Ross, Cathy O'Brien, Dr. Elliot Katz, Dr.Richard Boylan, Leuren Moret, Connie Fogal, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Rev. Dr. S. D'Montford, Richard Sauder and many, many more...




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Stay tuned for uncensored truth about wars, stripping of rights and freedoms, fraud, corruption, money trails, alternative medicine, peace activism, depleted uranium, animal rights, UFOs, remote viewing, extraterrestrials, astrology, plus prophecy, spirituality, soul growth, empowerment, life-after-life, astral travel, meditation, and more...

Message from H.H. Hehpsehboah A.

"We who have chosen an earthly existence at this time, live arguably in one of the most advanced yet potentially devastating eras in the history of mankind.  We are in a time of renewal in the cycle of the universe. Technologically advanced Atlantis and Lemuria experienced their own self-destruction during the last cycle. This time mankind has a choice. What will it be?  Will people follow blindly as leaders promote war, aggression, world government, one-world religion, unrepentant destruction of the atmosphere, environment and mother earth, orchestrated economic collapses and indigestible genetically engineered food?  Will they allow nuclear explosions to send the earth into a full on polar shift?  Will people stand by complacently as their personal rights and freedoms are stripped and sacrificed for our supposed security and protection?  Is there a far more sinister motive present that involves mass genocide and control of the remaining masses?  Will you dismiss this as doom and gloom and conspiracy?  If so, think again.  This is your future and it is happening to you, not just the Jones.  It is about raising awareness, taking responsibility and acting in the know. Living in the moment blinds people to the possibilities for a better tomorrow. You must look beyond the moment to be capable of acting in the know.  The ultimate gift for your own soul experience and growth is to live in truth and compassion and to be accountable and responsible.  Only then is a state of nirvana perfection and bliss possible for all."
-    H.H. Hehpsehboah A.


H.H. Hehpsehboah A. is a prophet, healer, author, lecturer and humanitarian. As a compelling speaker who captivates and inspires her audiences, and one who brings a powerful and life-changing message of global change and world peace, the media have compared her with Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. 

She awakens people to what is really happening in the world today, alerts them as to what the future holds and offers solutions to effect change. She also brings an empowering message of spiritual awakening to mankind one in which individuals own their own spirituality and do not give it away to any person or any organization. 

H.H. Hehpsehboah A. is the International Peace Speaker for First Nations' Red Web Society. 



From time to time, H.H. Hehpsehboah A. will share her thoughts here on a variety of subjects.  

July 25, 2004 

Being in the Know - Not Living in Fear 

This is the time and place when/where humanity needs to come to reclaim its spirituality and start to live from the soul, by being "in the know."  It is no longer a time to be followers, but rather to be doers.  I am looking for participants - doers - to help to spread the message. You who are reading this at this moment, can make a choice and become a survivor and doer by "being in the know." 

In order to create a stable life, you must understand that you are living in the Iron Age. When you know this you can use it to your advantage.  Everything is a cycle - through the earth, water, air and metals. It is cyclical.  Metals have formed the hard currencies and parts of warfare destruction and construction.  Look out of your window of life and you will see that there are huge amounts of iron - from boats to trains, to aircraft, to cars, to washers and dryers in your own home, etc. - all made out of iron. If you start to look even closer, bathtubs in many homes are also made out of iron. So, you bathe in it too. This is the time when the Iron Age will begin to unwind (within the next 10 years).  As it does, and since water is the next cycle and since metal and water do not mix, you are going to see corossion of every day life. Water is the life-giving substance to the earth and humanity. So, in the next 50 years you will see great struggles over the drinking water, oceans, rivers and lakes.  Water will become the highest-priced commodity. You will taxed on the very air you breathe. It is up to you to bring change.   

This is the time you are going to reclaim your physical and spiritual life by being in the know - by being aware that millions are losing/will lose their homes, their incomes and their very livelihoods.  Now is the time to create communities in your neighbourhoods for your own safety and theirs.  Hold gatherings and educate people about the importance of not snitching on each other, but rather about  working together.  Through community living you can protect the little children, your own home, your freedom and the lives of elders. You can set up trading resources for food, tools, cloth, yarn, clothing, boots, clothes, sandals, car parts and so forth.  Create a friendship watch.  

You will soon be forced into government control through banks, credit cards and the medical community. Policing of people will be more severe than in the former Soviet Union.  The agenda of the powers that be (the beast) to eliminate 80% of the world population, is no joke. Those who they believe are not cooperating, will be arrested, imprisoned or murdered. Search the internet for Rex 84, detainment and concentration camps.  Sites such as http://www.apfn.org/apfn/camps.htm give you evidence of what is happening.

They are going to force all the elders over 65 to be vaccinated with a certain type of flu shot that will create respiratory failure. Thus, they will be eliminated. New and young infants will be so-called "tested" for mental illness.  They will be vaccinated, chipped and programmed.  Home school your children.  If you want to come through these difficult times, don't panic. Here is my advice for you.  Do not receive any vaccinations or flu shots, since they can hide the chip in them. The chip has truly has become the tool of the beast. 

Be aware of your television, radio and newspapers so that you cannot be hypnotized, influenced and controlled through the media. Be aware of cell phones and cell towers - which are instruments to track you or eliminate you after you have been chipped.  Change your daily routines. If you went to work via road A, switch to road B. Never take the same route as a routine. Also, make it so that even your dinner time changes so that it is not at the same hour every day. That goes for breakfast and lunch too.  

This is the time that true love and compassion are the tools are survival. Truth is your weapon of protection. You need to come to a full understanding that this approach will break the mind control from the beast and it will empower you and your loved ones.  By getting to be "in the know" and by resolving disharmony with friends, loved ones and neighbours, you will create safety and harmony. There is power in the strength of those who are in the know. Organize - not through carrying weapons - but rather by Being in the Know!  

We are looking for volunteers and neighborhood trainers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and wherever else there is the knowledge that the beast is striking.  Stock up vitamins and minerals and store in cool, dark places.  Stock up on wild rice as it does not rot or spoil if it is kept dry. Stock cans of beans and canned water-packed fruit.  Make sure that you have camping gear, outdoor wear and backpacks on hand and ready for use.  Having a homeopathic first aid kit and stocking up on Multiple Tissue Salts (homeopathic remedy) are mandatory. If you are on medication, make sure you have ample stock on hand (e.g. insulin).  Further information is available in my book. 




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The mission of Eye on the Future Radio is to bring truth to the forefront and enable people to "Live in the Know."


As Host of Eye on the Future Radio, H.H. Hehpsehboah A. covers a wide scope of subject matter and brings on a variety of guests who help educate, enlighten and empower people globally. From heavy topics, to the light-hearted and into the spiritual realms, there is something for everyone. 

H.H.Hehpsehboah A. tackles controversial issues head on and is unafraid in dealing with even the most sensitive topics for she believes wholeheartedly in bringing people into their own empowerment so that they can make decisions and choices based on awareness and wisdom. She wishes to set people free from being followers and into leaders in their own right. Her motto is, "Be in the Know, Live in the Know."   

H.H. Hehpsehboah A. currently airs four shows each week with plans for expansion.  




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